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BAE Systems Australia Unveils Australia’s First VTOL Military Drone



Australia’s First VTOL Military Drone – BAE Systems Australia has unveiled the first armed vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) military drone in Australia. Named the STRIX, the aircraft was designed in partnership with Perth-based Innovaero.

The STRIX is designed to increase Australian sovereign capability by leveraging domestic skills, including fast prototyping and aircraft concept design from Innovaero, along with opportunities for SMEs and academic institutions in other parts of the country to participate in its creation, delivery and flight testing.


The STRIX is the first VTOL military drone developed by BAE Systems Australia. It is a tandem-wing, multi-domain drone that can carry up to 160 kilograms of payload and accommodate a wide range of munitions.

It is powered by the RTX 4090 GPU, and it features a factory overclocked boost clock of 2.61GHz. That is a 90MHz speed boost from the Founders Edition we reviewed yesterday.

The STRIX is available for download on the FireStick, but it does require a parental pin to access content. This is due to the fact that it contains a large amount of adult content.


The STRIX is designed to be an advanced VTOL drone that will be used by Australian military forces. It is an ideal platform for conducting surveillance and reconnaissance missions and air-to-ground attacks against hostile targets.

It can also be fitted with a laser scanner to conduct aerial surveys and mapping of remote areas. This allows rapid and accurate data collection for a wide range of applications, from defence to resource exploration to urban planning.

The STRIX is designed to be a fully autonomous military drone, which can be controlled from a ground station or on board a helicopter. It is powered by a hybrid system that uses four propellers to get it up in the air and stay there.


BAE Systems Australia has unveiled the STRIX, Australia?s first VTOL military drone. Developed in partnership with Perth-based Innovaero, STRIX can carry a payload of up to 160 kilogrammes and take off and land vertically.

STRIX is powered by a hybrid power system and can run fully autonomously or as a “loyal wingman” UAV controlled from on board a helicopter. It can also be operated by ground controllers.

The STRIX was designed to be runway independent, allowing it to operate from austere locations without an airstrip or catapult launching system. This capability is becoming increasingly important for modern combat operations.


VTOL military drones are used for surveillance and scouting operations. They can be equipped with thermal sensors and RGB cameras to detect people or objects that may not be visible to the human eye.

During operations, drones can also help to assess the terrain in 3D. This allows commanders to make more informed decisions and increase the safety of personnel.

Drones can be equipped with redundant flight safety features that allow them to land safely in the event of a GPS signal loss. They can also automatically return to home in the event of a motor failure.


A drone is a versatile tool that can be used for a number of different applications, including security and defense. They can be used to gather aerial images, provide real-time intelligence and conduct search and rescue operations.

VTOL drones are a great option for military and security missions due to their low operational costs and their ability to perform multiple tasks in one flight. This makes them a very useful asset for military operations and could help to improve the safety of troops in the field.

VTOL drones can also be fitted with precision laser scanners, which are a popular tool for surveying large areas of land and inshore waters. This provides a more accurate and precise way to gather information from remote locations and can be valuable in applications such as mapping and resource exploration.

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