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Codeless AI Infrastructure For Marketing Automation



Codeless AI Infrastructure For Marketing  – With the digital-first transformation of organisations accelerating, marketers are facing an unprecedented flood of consumer data. These data sets require them to make sense of, act on and optimize.

In order to do so, they need an AI system that can help them quickly analyse and process massive amounts of data. This is where codeless AI comes into play.

Personalised Churn Predictions

Detecting customers at risk of churn is a critical prediction for many businesses. A small churn rate can compound over time and lead to big losses.

Churn is a difficult problem to predict because many churn prediction modeling methods rely on quantifying risk based on static data and metrics, which is often inaccurate. However, if you are able to identify a significant percentage of at-risk customers, then you can use this information to implement strategies that mitigate the churn.

SmartMeasures recently implemented an AI-based churn analytics engine to help an energy retailer track and retain new customers. It identified 945 out of 11,000 new customers as a ‘high risk’ group for churn and used this data to improve their customer experience.

Personalised churn predictions help marketing teams to quickly identify which customers are most likely to churn and take action before they do. They can target those high-risk customers with more targeted attention and solutions that are proven to win them back.

Lead Nurturing

Keeping leads engaged and interested requires delivering relevant information to them at the right time. The content must be product-oriented and tailored to their needs at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Lead nurturing helps move prospects through the sales funnel at a steady pace, so that no revenue opportunity is missed. In fact, a Demand Gen report found that nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured ones.

With the help of codeless AI, businesses can track and automate their marketing campaigns in real time. This helps them deliver a high-quality brand experience and develop long-term relationships with their prospects.

Using lead nurturing software to automate time-consuming tasks like sending follow-up emails and scheduling appointments is a smart way to save time and improve efficiency. It also allows you to measure campaign performance and track recurring tasks so that you can streamline your processes.

Sales Funnel Optimisation

Sales Funnel optimisation (SFO) is the process of optimizing the conversions from each stage in your sales funnel. Most businesses use a number of strategies like blogging, social media, PPC, public relations, contact forms, referrals, and more to convert leads into customers.

Traditional SFO is based on trial and error, but AI can make it much easier by helping you to find the best strategy for your unique business. AI can also predict what steps your prospects are taking before they reach any specific stage in the funnel, allowing you to make changes as needed for better results.

AI can deliver targeted marketing information that increases both conversions and speed of response. It can also serve up personalized offers that increase spend and loyalty.

Codeless AI infrastructure enables marketers to run experiments, discover insights and take action at a speed that was previously thought impossible. This thoughtfully designed infrastructure complements and accentuates the skills of today’s marketer.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software automates actions that bring leads to the stage where they can be contacted directly by sales teams and begin the buying process. The data it gathers can then be used to drive a combination of tactics to maximize sales conversion.

In today’s competitive business environment, marketing automation is crucial to creating scale and efficiency, delivering repeatable results that are predictable in their outcomes. It can also help businesses with long sales cycles and multiple interactions streamline their entire marketing process to increase efficiency and drive a higher return on investment.

Pixis’ codeless AI infrastructure enables marketers to leverage AI without having to write any code, greatly reducing the integration time and making it effortless. It houses close to 50 AI models deployed across a suite of products and plugins that analyze and optimize every conceivable data point in no time.

Pixis recently secured US $100 million in Series C funding led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 with participation from General Atlantic. The funds will be utilized to accelerate growth in North America, Europe, and APAC regions.

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